Saturday, September 18, 2010

Calling Russell

Elsie is seated front row, center. Russ has his arm around her.

June 25 1945

Dear Family -

Just finished calling Russell. Spoke to him - he sounded real good. I'm sorry he and I are so far away from each other, as it will be some time before I get to see him.

I am hoping to spend my weeks' vacation (I have 2 weeks vacation due me) one week I hope to spend soon on the Riviera, and if I do I will be able to see Russ then. He's near there.

I don't know how I will feel after I get set up at the Hospital and get back to work - but right now I have a feeling I don't want to stay in France. Now the war is over here, I want to go to the Pacific, 'cause if I can't be close to the war I would rather be at home.

We now find that we are to be located near Rheims (not Nancy). The hospital unit has been there for almost a week now so we are leaving today to catch up with them."


Arc de Triomphe including historical pics.

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